Disruptive Technology Innovator


Disruptive Technology Innovator

Our founders and executives have been developing industry-shifting, disruptive technologies since the last century across a wide range of industries and sectors.  These collective experiences and accomplishments have resulted in numerous public and private exits because industries have recognized the value in the technology disruption that we have innovated, and have rewarded us accordingly.

These numerous disruptions and associated accomplishments have provided us with the experience, savvy, inclination, and ability to build upon our earlier accomplishments through additional technology disruption.  The prolificacy of our inventive spirit, coupled with our steadfast commitment to improving humanity through impactful technology creation, ignites our passions to take new risks, cross new technological boundaries, and shift paradigms when we succeed.

In an era when technology “disruption” has become an overused term, though, how can one differentiate between true disruption and misguided hyperbole?  As a pioneer of the quantum era, we’ve spent a lot of time pondering this.  

Our technology is smaller, and our miniaturized mass spectrometer and driverless data diode are prime examples.  While others have been developing microtechnology and nanotechnology, we’ve been innovating with picotechnology and femtotechnology.  Our technology has greater affordability, and our electric and solar-powered vehicles are representative of this.  Additionally, our technology is considerably faster, one of the benefits of developing smaller technology.

Our technology incorporates revolutionary innovation around the materials sciences, including disruption where we can produce antibodies that do not require animals and leverage the power of graphene for energy and other purposes.  

Moreover, our technology takes scalability to a new level, such as our unique automobiles and vehicles that can be manufactured virtually anywhere on Earth.  This revolutionary approach to manufacturability is highly disruptive to legacy distribution and delivery models, and is ultimately how technology disruptors can scale to be relevant for billions of people.

We invite you to learn about some of our companies below and the disruptive technology innovation they are achieving below.

Quantum Age

Our Companies

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