One Child’s Reality

Creating a world free of poverty and hunger, deadly diseases, and pollution is possible. At Quantum Age, our vision and dreams are creating paradigm shifts across industries and “once-thought-to-be-science-fiction” into an impactful reality.

As a five-year-old growing up in rural Bangladesh, I experienced the silent cries of hunger and witnessed human tragedy caused by poverty and lack of access to basic healthcare.  Those around me and I lived through the fear of darkness, as access to electricity to power our homes was purely a far-reaching dream.

A flame of hope ignited by the inspiring story of my parents guided me to look beyond and explore possibilities.

Chasing My Dream

Blessed with the opportunity to pursue my education in the United States of America, I quickly discovered the equalizing power of science and technology. I started architecting a technological revolution missioned to reduce human suffering and improve human conditions by addressing and solving global health, pollution, power, mobility, food, agriculture, urbanization, and financial inclusion problems.

Today, after having founded Quantum Age Corporation with the prolific inventor and distinguished MIT Professor Ian Hunter, these aspirations have become more than a reality.

The Next Half-Century

We are pioneering many precedent-setting technologies across the health and wellness, EV and energy, cybersecurity, informatics, payments, and fintech industries to advance the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, and meet the challenges we have set for ourselves.

Our progress and achievements over the past several years have resulted in the creation and adoption of our Quantum Vision 2075, inspiring our collective endeavor to power the global economy and pursue a sustainable world by healing and protecting our planet Earth, the home of humanity.


We invite you to become part of Quantum Age Corporation’s journey as we inspire and create more joyful living, and participate alongside us as pioneers of the next era of humanity – the Quantum Age.

Signature Faiz