Yahoo Finance: From Poverty To Pioneering Solutions For The Quantum Age

How did you get started? Share more about yourself and the environment you grew up in as a child… Tell us about yourself. What’s your background?

As a five-year-old child growing up in Bangladesh, I experienced life without light at night. Fear of darkness, the silent cries of hunger, and screams from mothers giving birth without any access to medical professionals were the norms of everyday life. My life took a turn when I comprehended that many friends and fellow villagers did not have access to daily clothing, with a worsening of their suffering during the winter months. I started collecting donations of wheat, rice, chicken, and other items from villagers to help those less fortunate.

When we brought some new clothes and food to a family of seven, their tears of joy deeply touched my heart and changed my life forever.

I was fortunate to emigrate to the United States by myself at a young age to pursue my education and my insatiable dream. This resulted in me working with highly specialized colleagues in the public and private sectors to develop advanced, impactful technologies, eventually culminating with me co-founding Quantum Age Corporation.

Did you always want to become an entrepreneur? How did it all begin?

For me, my entrepreneurial passions started early on. While the internet was still in its commercial infancy during the last century, I started to develop very advanced technologies and solutions that I then realized would be foundational in the quantum technology era, both in terms of enabling my future technology development aspirations, as well as the enablement of third-parties seeking to build their own quantum technology ventures.

I have had the privilege to apply my achievements and technologies in very impactful ways with accomplished technologists and inventors, especially Professor Ian Hunter from MIT. We founded Quantum Age Corporation with an entrepreneurial passion to commercialize these transformative technologies to benefit humanity across a broad range of industries including mobility, energy, health, cybersecurity, payments, fintech, and others.

Tell us about your company. What services do you provide?

My company is Quantum Age Corporation. It is a group of companies that are developing disruptive technologies to solve critical global problems, creating paradigm shifts across industries during the process. Our mobility subsidiary develops electric vehicles and carbon-negative vehicles for the masses at ultra-affordable price points. Some of these vehicles are powered by solar energy. Our decarbonization technology can measure emissions in real-time, a true scientific breakthrough.

Our cybersecurity subsidiary has developed post-quantum, AI-enabled Cognitive Intelligence and a Quantum Zero-Trust solution to monitor, assess, and prevent cyberattacks. Our payments subsidiary develops contactless payments technology to foster financial and economic inclusion. Our informatics subsidiary has developed intelligent, tag-and-trace nanoparticles to encode data for the authentication of goods and verify supply chain integrity.

Describe your company in 8 words.

I would describe my company as the Pioneer of the Next Age: “the Quantum Age.”

What are you working on right now?

We are currently working on continued growth and expansion of Quantum Age Corporation as our companies and their teams innovate new technologies and develop new applications for our existing technologies. We are in the process of launching Quantum Institute to identify, educate, and nurture the next generations of younger technologists who will develop and oversee impactful technologies that will positively contribute to the quantum era, and advance and perpetuate the foundational technologies that our companies have developed and are developing.

This is extending and catalyzing our venture-building initiatives even further, and we anticipate it will result in the formation of many new future companies and commercial enterprises. Additionally, our first subsidiary is now undergoing its initial ESG assessment, indicative of our commitment to corporate social responsibility. Our companies’ technologies are post-development, de-risked, and in various stages of commercialization.

What core values do you hold that help guide you in business?

We have a few core values that help guide the business. Our mission is to foster the next age of humanity through a technological revolution that will create a joyful living for all. Our purpose is to serve humanity by creating a sustainable planet for generations to come. As a pioneer of the quantum age, our companies design and develop technologies that sustainably bridge the transition from the silicon era to the quantum era, while expanding our collective ability to address today’s greatest challenges and tomorrow’s greatest opportunities.

We require that the commercialization of our technologies improves our qualities of life, reduces human suffering, and sustains the environment we inhabit. As a purpose-driven organization, we prioritize positive impact in all that we do, underscoring our commitments to corporate social responsibility and ESG compliance. We realize that our success will partially be measured by the positive impacts that our technologies have in meeting objectives, such as the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Is there anything else YOU would like to talk about?

We are privileged that some of today’s most brilliant scientists, prolific inventors, gifted physicians, and accomplished businesspeople endow Quantum Age Corporation with their collective genius, innovative spirits, and entrepreneurial drives. The term “disruptive” is commonplace and overused in the context of technology nowadays, though it is applicable because our technologies are industry-shifting and precedent-setting.

Our miniaturized mass spectrometer has an efficacy of eight parts per billion, fits in the palm of one’s hand, and is the least expensive such instrument available today. The implications for climate change studies, global warming reduction initiatives, STEM education, and food, water, drug, and product safety are profound. Our mobility solutions extend a well-known, multi-generational legacy of mobility innovation, with projected price points well below USD $10,000. We take pride in these innovations, along with many more.