What guides us



As a purpose-driven steward of industry-shifting technology that is developed by the companies we own, Quantum Age Corporation has committed itself to pursuing and maintaining the highest levels of ESG compliance in the industry.  We have engaged with independent, external ESG assessment and evaluation specialists to help us identify and comply with our ESG objectives.   This engagement with independent specialists includes an ability to have our progress with regard to ESG compliance independently compared with third-party peers in the industry.

The technologies that are developed by the companies we own have broad and meaningful implications for the environment, social systems, and governance systems.  Our various decarbonization technologies include carbon-negative mobility innovation that represents a breakthrough beyond sequestration.  Our payments technology reduces payments friction and increases both financial and social inclusion.  Our cybersecurity technology enables organizations to strengthen their cybersecurity postures, an improvement in their overall corporate governance structures.

These and other unique technologies that are developed by our companies have resulted in these companies being able to articulate and codify mission-defining and ethically-oriented business strategies.  When successful, these companies are able to disseminate vision-affirming results that validate their increasingly diverse business objectives that extend beyond corporate income statements and balance sheets.

Addressing the opportunities presented by this sweeping sea change in corporate identity-making and related transformational business practices through our paradigm-bending technologies incorporates our commitment to perpetuating corporate social responsibility.   It’s a commitment that has been manifest in our collective approach for decades, as we have long understood the revolutionary power of technology that contributes to positive environmental stewardship, engenders broader social inclusion, and improves data governance models.

As our companies’ technologies become increasingly commercialized and proliferate, our ESG commitment will become more evident in the public domain, and foundational as they continue to elevate our common ESG standards through future technology development.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) is exemplified in many ways.  As “A Pioneer of the Next Age,” our founders and executives have been preparing for the transition from the silicon era to the quantum era for at least a couple of decades, beginning during a period in which corporate social responsibility was little more than academic jargon.  Early on during that period, we anticipated that the future quantum era would be one in which life-sustaining technologies could address chronic challenges including poverty, hunger, and disease.  The betterment and improvement of humanity have been key focal points since our inception.

As “A Disruptive Technology Innovator,” our next-generation technological advancements continue to have profound impacts on the environment, public health, and society.  We are purpose-driven in all technology that our companies design, develop, and commercialize, evidencing our commitment to corporate social responsibility.  Additionally, as “An Impact Creator,” we focus on life-sustaining technology development that offers benefits and enhancements relative to parallel existing technologies.  We complement this technology development with unique and innovative ways to quantify the impact and efficacy of many of our technologies.

As the owner of many companies involved in precedent-setting technology development and commercialization, we are able to maintain stringent oversight over our companies’ commitments to corporate social responsibility, ensuring close alignments and engagements throughout our greater Quantum Age Corporation group of companies.

United Nations' Sustainable
Development Goals

The seventeen (17) United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) provide great context for optimizing the application and utility of Quantum Age Corporation’s various technologies. Our objective is to create business partnerships and relationships with organizations to distribute our technology so that humanity is better prepared to meet the UN’s SDGs.