What we do

Industries Served

Our success in developing disruptive technology enables us to address a broad range of sectors across several industries.


Quantum Age Corporation enables freedom of personal mobility by delivering affordable solutions that reflect humanity’s shifting transportation norms. We are creating a mobility revolution where transportation requirements are not constrained by personal finances, and are instead satisfied by ultra-affordable mobility solutions that reflect our commitment to environmental sustainability.

As automobile manufacturers continue to reduce their vehicles’ carbon footprints, electric vehicles will become increasingly common on our roadways. We go the extra mile – literally and figuratively – by developing EVs that eliminate range anxiety through batteries with superior energy densities. We also develop extremely affordable solar-powered vehicles that are carbon-negative, reflecting our commitment to NetZero transportation innovation.



Quantum Age Corporation enables smarter energy solutions that have a significant impact on the battery and energy storage industry.  Our patented Quantum Flash Charge technology reduces the total cost of ownership of battery technology through innovative battery life cycle extension solutions that result in less degradation of mineral supply chains, and facilitates direct “from the wall” and normal power grid charging of EV batteries in less than 40 minutes.

Additionally, our graphene-powered solutions apply graphene’s disruptive properties across a wide range of applications and end markets, addressing the industry’s most demanding requirements related to energy storage and thermal management.  These include high-capacity graphene/ Si anode materials, and anode-less lithium metal cell batteries with the industry’s highest known energy densities, exceeding 350 Wh/kg.

Agriculture and Forestry

Quantum Age Corporation enables climate-smart agricultural practices that prioritize improved land management and adaptable resource allocation, highlighting our commitment to positive environmental stewardship. Our solutions and practices address ongoing human-created climate change, creating opportunities for third-party enterprises pursuing decarbonization strategies to align their operations with sustainable carbon offset schemes.

We focus on transformative agricultural solutions that empower Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) schemes to incentivize reforestation and afforestation program operators, and other scalable carbon management solutions. In addition to major decarbonization innovations to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, our regenerative agriculture advancements result in more sustainable biomass conversion, enhancing bioethanol, biodiesel, and biochar.



Quantum Age Corporation enables industrial, environmental, health, and medical enterprises to deliver revolutionary solutions through our unique proprietary instrumentation.   Our miniaturized mass spectrometer fits in the palm of one’s hand, is ultra-affordable, and has a quantifiable efficacy in the parts-per-billion, leading to a broad range of applications across multiple industries and sectors.  These devices have tremendous applications in the diesel trucking and logistics industries, enabling fleets to meet their NetZero commitments.

Additionally, our high-velocity, needle-free injection devices allow high viscosity biologics to be self-administered without the pain and anxiety typically associated with needles.   These solutions also enable real-time tracking and establish a new standard for connectivity and interactivity between patients and care teams to improve outcomes, broadening our ability to expand medical care to underserved segments of society.

Payments and Finance

Quantum Age Corporation enables broader financial inclusion by developing digital-first payment and banking solutions that reduce friction associated with traditional payment modalities and legacy financial services.  Our contactless payment innovation allows device holders to transfer, convert, spend, and exchange value within proprietary payment networks, resulting in real-time settlements, broader interoperability, and cost savings.

Our digital banking solutions result in truly branchless banking services, allowing financial institutions to seamlessly on-board customers, conduct e-KYC/AML, manage operational risks, and deploy customer-facing solutions including treasury, savings accounts, checking accounts, remittance, investments, insurance, and much more.  Additionally, our proprietary blockchain-based tokenization solutions allow digital assets to be developed, exchanged, and transferred in conformity with best governance practices, creating more opportunities for broader asset ownership.

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Cybersecurity and Informatics

Quantum Age Corporation enables advanced data management solutions that elevate monitoring and enterprise risk management to new standards for traditional workplace and distributed environments. Our AI-enabled, zero-trust cybersecurity platform provides continuous, real-time visibility coupled with detection and response capabilities. We have developed a proprietary hardware data diode that combines quantum invisibility cloak solutions, quantum high-wall network segregation, and AI-generated, post-quantum cryptography with adversarial countermeasures to maximize data governance and security.

Likewise, our cloud-first software data diode offers intranetwork compartmentalization and segregation, while our proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) solutions offer evaluative robustness assessments, natural language processing (NLP), optical character recognition (OCR), and take-action systems. Our intelligent nanotechnology validates the authenticity of goods and verifies supply chain integrity, powerful anti-counterfeit solutions that address a global problem exceeding US$ 1 trillion annually.


Quantum Age Corporation enables education innovation through the advanced interdisciplinary curricula we have developed to extend the boundaries associated with traditional learning methods.  We empower hands-on learning techniques through our proprietary, laboratory-oriented education modules involving science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

These solutions have been developed to address the educational requirements involving progressive educational levels, from elementary school through the university environment.  Students benefit from our educational innovation by learning new techniques involving measurement, instrumentation, control, and analysis, particularly student populations that may be underexposed to modern scientific apparatuses and disciplines.


Health and Wellness

Quantum Age Corporation enables health and wellness platforms through the breakthrough advancements pioneered by our physicians, scientists, clinicians, and researchers who strive to reduce human suffering and improve the quality of our lives. Our early disease detection techniques are capable of identifying chronic diseases – including cancer and cardiovascular conditions – in the human body much earlier than legacy medical techniques.

In addition to diagnostic techniques that lead to improved health, our advanced medical breakthroughs offer acute medical treatments for myriad diseases and conditions, resulting in earlier and more efficient intervention with elevated standards of patient care. Our health-related innovations are developed to be cost-efficient, maximizing our ability to avail them to communities that are underserved by today’s medical systems.