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Develop and manufacture fast-charging battery technology for the EV industry, and chemistry-pinpointed energy storage solutions

Technology Overview

Quantum Flash Charge technology to safely and quickly charge a select range of lithium-ion battery cells

Battery Management System (BMS) to manage battery cells, charger, battery pack casing, and proprietary heat dissipation technology


Patented and patentable Quantum Flash Charge technology

Direct “from the wall” or normal power grid charging < 40 minutes

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership through battery life cycle extension beyond guaranteed cycle life

Intelligent charges enable improved safety by real-time communications between charger and BMS

Why Quantum Battery, Inc.?

  • Distributed ecosystem of trusted manufacturing partners with industry legacies and capacity
  • Expanding customer base with concrete forecasts
  • Reverse engineering difficult due to integrated innovation
  • Portfolio of battery cell and battery-charging IP and patents
  • Offices and representation in North America, Europe, and Asia
  • Fleet electrification and “Energy as a Service” solution for strategic markets

Meet our CEO

Willem Campagne
CEO | Quantum Battery, Inc.