Financial technology (Fintech) | Financial services


Develop and deploy innovative financial technologies, including blockchain-powered solutions, that broaden financial and economic inclusion.

Technology Overview

Tokenization-as-a-Service (TaaS)

Creation of marketable and tradeable digital assets, including security tokens, on blockchain networks

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Compliant digital finance platform enabling the management of digital securities and asset servicing privileges

Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange Technology
Execution platform for trading digital assets, including cryptocurrencies

QStox and DeFi
Software for trading digital assets in the secondary market, and decentralized finance solutions

Quantum Custody
Digital asset custody and safekeeping solutions, fortified by QAC-developed data diode technology


Regulated and Authorized: Digital finance in Labuan (2019) and crypto exchange in Estonia (2020)

Launched two security tokens on Ethereum network (2020)

Developed and launched multiple Fintech software platforms

Why Quantum Economy Corporation?

  • Industry's first post-Quantum security-enabled, commercial-grade fintech platform
  • Experienced blockchain and capital markets industry veterans
  • ESG-focused productization strategy

Meet our CEO

Pascal van Knijff
CEO | Quantum Economy Corporation