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Cultivate science-based, climate-protective tree species to enhance, protect, recover, and revitalize our ecology and environment, enable biomass conversion, and empower Net-Zero initiatives and climate finance

Technology Overview

Decarbonization: revolutionary carbon management system to capture up to 260 tons per planted hectare annually, revitalizing climate cycles

Biomass Conversion: sustainable bioenergy solutions including bioethanol, biodiesel, and biochar

Regenerative Agriculture: prevention of soil erosion and desertification, and enhancement of organic properties


Developed framework for generating carbon credits from afforestation and reforestation programs

Deployed AI innovation to enhance yield productivity

Engineered robots for crop and pasture management

Transformed cellulose nanofibers into automobile body materials

Revolutionizing energy inputs for automotive power

Why Quantum Green Corporation?

  • Global experts on regenerative agriculture
  • Founding team instrumental in formulating Clean Water Act
  • Shifting paradigm with renewable liquid fuel innovation
  • Action leadership on Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC)

Meet our CEO

Dr. Span Spanbauer
CEO | Quantum Green Corporation