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Develop and commercialize miniaturized instrumentation for enhanced measurement, analytics, and sensing that meets the versatility, sensitivity, power, and cost requirements of large-scale deployment

Technology Overview

Mass Spectrometer: miniaturized mass spectrometer with radical size, cost, and efficacy advancements, including order-of-magnitude improvements over competing sensor technologies

Real-Time Exhaust Gas Analyzer: standalone, self-contained real-time exhaust gas analysis instrument with electrical vehicle interfaces and wireless control


Developed industry’s first miniature, low cost, high performance mass spectrometer

Research conducted at MIT’s BioInstrumentation Laboratory

Innovated environmental monitoring and analysis applications for chemicals, combustion, and fuel

Improved fuel usage through enhanced combustion processes feedback

Core technologies covered by multiple issued patents

Why Quantum Instruments?

  • 10 - 1000x lower cost and power consumption over competitors
  • 100x higher sensitivity over competing and parallel technologies
  • Optimal sensing technology for methane, oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and oxides
  • Technology can be integrated as OEM component
  • Major implications for global decarbonization mandates and climate finance

Meet our CEO

Dr. Brian Hemond
CEO | Quantum Instruments