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Sustainable technology development to enable zero-carbon mobility, Net Zero ecosystems, and ESG compliance

Technology Overview

QPod: Low-cost, solar-powered automobiles and mobility devices that harness renewable energy and eliminate range anxiety

PeoplePod: Low-cost, multi-person, solar-powered automobiles for efficient group mobility

PeoplePod Train: Multi-person, PeoplePod caravans for human transportation and last-mile delivery

Quantum Flash Tubes: Elevated, low-friction, ultra-high speed transportation pathways for human and cargo transportation, and improved urban and infrastructure management


Extremely low power consumption at highway speeds

Distributed, low-cost manufacturing and assembly bases

Focus on last mile delivery, gig economy, shared mobility, and mobility autonomy

Functionality including morphing, jumping, axis tracking, and climbing

Modular and hot swappable vehicle subsystems

Why Quantum Motors?

  • Mobility solutions exceeding range capabilities of Tesla and others
  • Reduction of vehicle cost by >10x (~US$ 5,000)
  • Multi-generational legacy of transportation innovation
  • Truly active suspension system maximizes comfort
  • Reduction of vehicle energy consumption by 10x – 100x