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Develop and deploy intelligent nanotechnology to validate authentic goods and verify supply chain integrity, and technology to identify the origins of counterfeit goods and mitigate adversarial and illegal activities

Technology Overview

Quantum Tags: undetectable, three dimensional, heat-resistant, crush-resistant, chemical-resistant, and counterfeit-resistant microparticles for storing unique data and validating authenticity and integrity

QSignal: proprietary algorithmic data platform that captures information from the Dark Web across the globe, creating actionable intelligence for threat and risk mitigation response


Leadership team originated taggant technology

Over 13 trillion unique codes created for tag and trace

Technology supported pilot with a US mint

Briefed senior US Treasury officials on counterfeit coinage

Leadership worked closely with US Senate Foreign Relations

Why Quantum Tags Corporation?

  • Global counterfeit industry exceeds US$ 1 trillion annually
  • Innovation partially developed at major US national laboratory
  • Extensive amount of registered IP in US
  • QSignal applicable to multiple global industries

Meet our CEO

Dr. Satish Gupta
CEO | Quantum Tags Corporation