Partnership with The Climate Registry

Quantum Fleet Technology, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quantum Age Corporation, has announced a partnership with The Climate Registry (TCR) to develop new industry guidance for accurate emissions measurement and reporting for logistics and trucking companies.  Founded in 2007, The Climate Registry is a non-profit organization that designs and operates voluntary and compliance greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting programs globally, and assists organizations in measuring, reporting, and verifying the carbon in their operations.

The partnership empowers logistics companies to undertake sustainability and emissions reduction initiatives to enable stronger emissions management for commercial tricking.  Historically, logistics and commercial trucking companies have lacked access to direct measurements of on-road emissions and have instead had to rely upon average emissions rates to estimate their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Notably, average emissions rates do not incorporate factors including driving conditions, different truck models, and different emissions control systems that impact tailpipe emissions on the road.  Without access to truck-specific emissions data, it is challenging for logistics companies to accurately assess the impacts of their fleets and take steps to reduce emissions that are reflected in their sustainability reporting.  Quantum Fleet Technology and The Climate Registry plan to implement technology-driven steps and a comprehensive education program tailored to the unique needs of the logistics sector to improve the accuracy and reliability of emissions data.

Quantum Fleet Technology has made accurate truck-specific emissions measurement possible at scale for the first time through the development of a patented technology called the Q-Core Micro Mass Spectrometer. This groundbreaking technology measures emissions of the six key greenhouse gases used to calculate carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e) to an accuracy of eight (8) parts per billion.  Given its small size and affordability, Q-Core Micro Mass Spectrometer can be deployed on any commercial vehicle.  Combined with real-time data transfer via cellular data connection and auditable data reports, real-time emissions measurements from moving commercial vehicles are available for the first time.